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Hi there, I’m Lisa

I offer one-on-one tutoring online and in-person.

Maple Valley, WA 

Monday - Thursday

10 AM to 6 PM

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About Me


My journey to becoming a reading tutor started when I discovered my son is dyslexic.  My desire to learn more about the reading process and to help struggling readers lead to a job as a para-educator in my district teaching reading one-on-one and in a classroom setting. Meanwhile, I enrolled my son in a program called Wired For Reading where he achieved amazing results with his reading and spelling.  His success inspired me to pursue and obtain my certification as a Wired for Reading Specialist. 


I am a Level 3 Certified Wired For Reading Specialist, meaning I have been certified for 3 + years.  To maintain my certification, every 3 years I am required to complete 30 hours of pre-approved professional development and receive yearly exceptional anonymous client reviews.  Finally, every 5 years I retake the Wired For Reading courses to refresh and update my knowledge.   I also trained in the Intermediate Orton-Gillingham program.

Wired For Reading is a multi-sensory program designed to improve reading, spelling and vocabulary, it is IMSLEC accredited.  Wired's approach allows me to be creative and engaging while explicitly tutoring to student’s specific needs.  Lessons are designed and paced for each child's individual needs.   I encourage students to be curious learners, to honor their innate abilities and teach them to advocate for themselves at school.  Learn more about Wired For Reading.


As the parent of a dyslexic child,  I understand the struggles and concerns dyslexic families experience. This awareness helps me create a safe space for learning by teaching with compassion and patience.

I enjoy making learning fun, engaging and demystify the reading and spelling process.  It's a privilege to witness my student's confidence grow and to be a helpful resource for their parents!


Lisa Wangeman

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Also a Member of the

International Dyslexia Association

Special Training

Bachelor's Degree in Pyschology

Organizational Behavior



Experienced in multiple job classifications including:  reading assistance program, behavioral students, special education, classroom, recess, and lunchroom.


Wired for Reading Specialist Certification


Study Skills - Language Based Learning Disabilities


Handwriting Without Tears - Print K-2


Mini Self-Reg Workshop


Handwriting Without Tears - Assessment


Intermediate Orton-Gillingham Training 


Executive Function:  Impact on Academic Proficiency


International Dyslexia Association Conference - Continuing Education


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